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1956 Porsche 356A Speedster #5604 beige exterior and red leatherette barn find diorama display case

THIS PORSCHE is a rarity. The opportunity to obtain one for weathering was a challenge alone. Model manufacturer Kyosho makes a stunning product that is authentic and to scale. As always, a massive library of images taken of automobiles from real junkyards, barns and abandoned sites all over the world were studied to better understand the decay that is expected on a Porsche 356A Speedster that has been sitting idle (no pun intended) for 50+ years. Every piece of the model was then carefully removed and organized into different groups to receive separate aging treatment. The body's original paint was then sanded down starting with 100 grit sanding pads working steadily up to 220 to provide a toothy surface for consecutive finishes.

Once all body finishing was complete I moved on to the details that add character to the model:

  • Part of Buford's barn Cars Executive Series of models, a 1:18 1955 Porsche 356A Speedster with prototypical details. Faded hints of its Porsche #5604 beige paint scheme and red leatherette interior give clues as to its magnificent factory origins. Also, this model includes a base process that has taken several months to develop. By combining my own balanced combination of complex reactive mineral components specially ordered from Croatia, I'm able to produce the impression of natural rust with organic color variations. These components are meticulously applied to panel locations where the original finish would be vulnerable to decay. The process provides for unmatched beauty and an authentic appearance of which I am very proud of. 
  • A battered rough sawn oak a-frame board holds up a For Sale sign. 
  • The entire interior has been modified with red leatherette. Each component was carefully painted to represent the real thing! It's truly a joy to see! 
  • One of my favorite accents; painstakingly precision-cut maple leaves, authentic in scale, are found on top of the vehicle as well as inside the cabin. Cut from real leaves, with roughly half dyed red and yellow for an autumn feel, these leaves feature natural "veins" and texture for a true-to-life appearance. 
  • The front trunk hood has been removed and may be rested against the model or inside the cabin. The engine block has been painted with various tones to replicate authentic engine components and is coated with gummy oil, also leaking out of the engine compartment and down the back. You can almost breathe in and smell that engine grime! 
  • An old rusty chain like the one you'd expect to be used to pull the prototypical vehicle from the barn is loosely wrapped around the front bumper and may be placed in the cabin, around the steering wheel etc. 
  • The 1956 California license plates, located on the front and rear of the vehicle, are made from photographs of authentic plates and are permanently fixed in place.
  • Loads of clumpy hay strands can be found strategically placed throughout the vehicle including the interior. 
  • An oil-soaked "cardboard box," holding appropriately dated magazines; a French CinĂ© featuring Marilyn Monroe in all of her glory, a Life with adorable Audrey Hepburn on the cover, may be positioned in many aesthetically pleasing ways. You'll also find a handmade rusty mallet and wrench (yes, I made them by hand!) fastened in the box. An Esquire rests between the seats in the cab. All magazines match the year of the Porsche, 1956. 
  • Textured mud has been applied to the tires to replicate its years of settling into the earth in the confinement of the barn.
  • The wheels have been painted in Porsche #5604 beige and chipped to match the vehicle. 
  • As this is a true piece of art, 100% authentic and unique, it deserves a proper display case...and what a display case it is! The case has been modified as a barn front with vintage signage to add character (made from photographs of real signs) as well as a wagon wheel, crate and bag of potatoes. The base of the case has been coated with diorama media for sand. 
    At this stage I'll go over the entire vehicle verifying all components have been properly reattached and that the finish is complete. I may airbrush some light shading
    of the final coat, add some dust or additional hay or shattered glass. In this particular case the model was basically complete and I'll move on to photography.

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